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End Jun 25
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It’s that time again. We are the only site that gives back to its members,so have fun and make some new friends and join our photo / contest of $189,989 dollars jackpot and now with our Video contest you’ll be able to earn money from your uploaded videos on 06/25/2024, our $189,989 dollars giveaway will be on 06/25/2024 & 06/25/2024 . To participate and earn money your video needs 1, 000 public views or hours in the last 6 to 12 months, and 1,000 likes or subscribers . We don’t Want to make it hard or confusing . So the rules are simple.....

 Click here: https://www.localrondevoo.com/photocontest/photo/upload/1

1. You must be a vip member of the site to Participate.
2. You must Visit the site often .
3. You can share this contest on either Facebook , Twitter or Instagram page with the hashtag #localrondevoojakepotgiveaway

4. You must upload one picture for the contest and the other  of you Holding a sign with your new profile name on it to be Verified by localrondevoo.com .

5. You are allowed one picture/video per-contest each year . ( Note all picture contest views and likes are started over each 

6 months after a winter has been picked )

7. you are not allowed to post nude pictures to photo contest , Uploading nude pictures to contest will result in your profile being Suspend for 1 week , Further violation of the rules or your profile been flagged 3 time’s will result in your profile been Deleted  .

8. All emails must be Current Upon registering to localrondevoo.com and kept up-to-date.

9.All paid memberships must have the same Emil address, so your membership payment can be verified and so you can be contacted if you win in our contest giveaway.

10. No Vip member can win more than two times in a year.

It’s that simple!  We are not going to score from beard length, spurs, or weight... but please feel free to include that information with the picture.  Our system will pick a winner from the photos submitted based on the highest voted.

Prize pool giveaways are :

1st. $189,989 dollars dollars grand prize.
2nd. $2,500 grand prize.
3rd. $200 grand prize.

(NEW) YouTube pay outs:

$1000000 subscribers = annual pay outs $60,000 

$1000000 followers = annual pay outs $2,000 -$3,000 and up.

Let this go viral by Visiting our YouTube channel at Localrondevoo.com Social Dating site https://youtu.be/s7YLfSyHtCs via @YouTube like ,  share , subscribe and Comment , Mention this contest on our YouTube channel  to receive 1 month vip Silver membership on us .

If you have any questions please email us at Localrondevoo@gmail.com or click Customer service link href="https://localrondevoo.com/contact"https://localrondevoo.com/contact Be sure to invite all of your friends and let's make this huge this year so we can attract some great prizes!! 

To enter our photo Contest click here:

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The Wall

Mscleo Porn ⭐️ Vip platinum
Aug 1 '20
Hi sweetie like your picture
Starr Light  Free
Sep 28 '21
Thanks!yall are so sweet
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