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            [body] => Hi , you are one step away from earning your verified profile badge.To all members please be advised all nude Pictures , Must be put in your Private photo album in your new profile page on the site, By Doing so will bring you extra revenue to Your profile page Starting on o7/01/2021 . Also all Avatars displaying Nudity Must be changed to Non-Nude photo. Also note to enter our $75,000 photo contest, go to the Photo contest link on the top right of your screen. Double Click on photo contest or click on this link  and upload your picture. Please note: to Participate in our $75,000 prize giveaway contest you have to be a paid Vip Silver or a VIP gold member to upload and participate in this year photo-contest, This new rule has been put In effect due to the fact paid members were complaining about Unfairness in the last year giveaway . Once your free VIP trial membership has expired you can Purchase any one of the VIP membership plans Security through PayPal.

Best wishes,
CEO & Management

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